CINVESTAV (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies) is a Mexican non-governmental scientific research institution affiliated with the National Polytechnic Institute. The institute is divided in 10 research centers that are dedicated to research and post graduate training within specific research areas ( Our campus hosts two research centers: CINVESTAV-Irapuato (that includes the Department of Genetic Engineering and the Department of Biotechnology and Biochemistry; Unidad Irapuato) and UGA (Unidad de Genómica Avanzada; UGA-Langebio). The campus has a permanent staff of 51 professors and ~ 220 students and offers Master and Ph.D. programs within areas of genetics, genomics, epigenetics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, biochemistry and microbiology. The campus is located in Irapuato, Guanajuato (;


  • Bachelor or Master degree, for students wishing to pursue a Master or Ph.D. degree, respectively.
  • A minimum average grade equivalent to 8.0 of a Mexican grading system (8/10 ); please consult the webpage to see the equivalent of this grade with respect to your country’s grading system.
  • Basic knowledge of Spanish is required given that several courses are conducted in Spanish.
  • CENEVAL EXANI III or GRE (General) examination dated after August 1st 2021 .


In the case of NOT having an EXANI III (or alternatively GRE exam), please register and pay on the Ceneval website. Information:

Important: The dates for foreign applicants are different than for national students. Though, if following the procedure (dates of the exams) for national students, then we can not guarantee that you can start in September 2023.

1. Apply for admission using the following link:

2. Please send the following required documents to Cinvestav to Diana Barbosa before May 15th 2023 (; documents marked with an asterisk require apostille: 
For Master studies: degree of BSc*, certificate of BSc*, transcript of study*, birth certificate*
For PhD studies: degree of MSc*, certificate of MSc*, transcript of study*, degree of BSc*, certificate of BSc*, transcript of study*, birth certificate*, 2 recommendation letters 

The registration deadlines and exam dates are listed below. 

Applicants will be evaluated based on the results of EXANI III and an internal online exam from Cinvestav, in addition to a general evaluation of  their qualifications (e.g. grades, work experience, knowledge of English). Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview online. The decisions of the Academic Committee are final.

Foreign students are eligible for scholarships from CONACYT (see


Tuesday of week  10 (March 7th): Registration open
Friday of week 20 (May 18th ): Registration closed (Note: register before Ceneval exam when missing)

EXAM EXANI III (CENEVAL EXANI III, version: Examen desde casa)
February 6th till March 26th 2023: registration (
April 29th 2023: EXANI III exam (online exam; organized by Ceneval)
Send the result of the Ceneval exam latest May 15th 2023 to Cinvestav (

Week 20: English exam related to a scientific article (online exam)
Week 20: interviews of qualified applicants (online)

Week 22: Publication of results
Week 31 - 35 (August 1st till 31th 2023): Introductory course for students accepted
Week 35 (September 1st 2023): Start of program courses

Email: or or
Telephone: +52 462 6239620