Our campus consists of two units (out of a total of 9 centers in Mexico) of the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Avanzados (Cinvestav) del IPN: Irapuato Unit and Genómica Avanzada-Langebio. Irapuato Unit includes the Department of Genetic Engineering and the Department of Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Currently, the campus has a permanent staff of 51 professors and ~ 220 students. The campus offers Master and Ph.D. programs within areas of genetics, genomics, epigenetics, biotechnology, bioinformatics, synthetic biology, biochemistry and microbiology among

How to apply

June 19, 2020: Deadline  for applications  
Beginning of July: Interview Skype or phone
July 13, 2020: Publication of results
August 3-28, 2020: Introductory course for students accepted
August 31, 2020: Start of program courses

Application forms and instructions can be downloaded here:

  1. Application form (English, Español)
  2. Reference letter (English, Español)

Admission requirements

  • University transcript.
  • Bachelor or master degree, for students wishing to pursue a master or Ph.D degree, respectively.
  • CENEVAL EXANI III or GRE (General) examination.
  • Letter explaining motives for applying to program (maximum 1 page)
  • Two references letters

Furthermore, a basic knowledge of Spanish is required given that several courses are conducted in Spanish.

Evaluation of application

Each application is evaluated individually by a special committee. Admission is based on a general evaluation of an individual qualifications, including grades, work experience, knowledge of English and other qualifications relevant to the degree in question. Regarding exam qualifications, students accepted in either master or Ph.D programs should have a minimum average grade equivalent to 8.0 of a Mexican grading system (8/10 ). Interested applicants can consult the webpage to see the equivalent of this grade with respect to their country’s grading system.


Foreign students are eligible for scholarships from CONACYT (see

Contact Information
Telephone: +52 462 6239620